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Community Involvement Emphasis Areas


UMB has strong ties to the stockyards and farming as a means for self-sufficiency and economic developmentā€”ties that it shares with its headquarters city, Kansas City.


For more than a century, art has been an integral part of the culture and character of UMB. As such, UMB works to enhance knowledge of and appreciation for the performing and visual arts by supporting art programs and events that entertain, educate and enrich communities.

Financial Education

As a diversified financial services holding company, UMB is dedicated to helping our customers and our communities achieve long-term success. We support organizations and programs that provide people with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial health and stability.


Self Sufficiency

UMB aims to support programs, events and activities that promote and lead to self-sufficiency in ways that build and sustain vibrant communities. We make a particular effort to support activities that enhance distressed, low-to-moderate income communities and assist those living within them.

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