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Community Involvement

For more than a century UMB has maintained a commitment to the prosperity of each and every community we serve. In addition to providing a solid portfolio of financial products, we have utilized associate volunteerism and corporate philanthropy to build our reputation as a strong community partner.

Community Involvement Philosophy

UMB Financial Corporation’s community involvement philosophy guides how the company and associates invest their time and talent, and helps determine where sponsorships and donations are made. More than any one value, UMB is dedicated to the prosperity of every community it serves. We continuously contribute to the vibrancy and success of these communities by supporting the arts, agriculture, financial education and self-sufficiency.

We support our communities by:


A strong sense of volunteerism is built into the foundation of UMB. All full-time UMB associates receive two paid days each year to volunteer at qualifying organizations of their choice, in addition to company-sponsored volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year.


UMB’s workforce is a diverse, talent-rich pool of individuals with various strengths, skills and connections. To use those skills for the good of the community, we encourage associates to partner with organizations that need the targeted expertise they can provide from within their field. Whether it’s through board membership, committee involvement or educational programs that reach a broader audience, we are stronger when we serve together.


For more than a century, UMB has withstood shifting economic climates to thrive and expand into new regions. We are honored to be able to give back to the communities that have supported us over the years. UMB’s giving policy includes fundraising, sponsorships and donations that align with our four philanthropy pillars: arts, agriculture, financial education and self-sufficiency.

Community Reinvestment 
Under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), UMB has an ongoing commitment to the communities where we are located. From financing for small businesses and providing working capital loans to companies that support job creation and retention, to our corporate philanthropy and our associates’ own personal volunteerism activities, UMB and its associates are dedicated to our local communities.

Whether we’re sponsoring a neighborhood school or raising money for local charitable organizations, we’re dedicated to every city we call home.

Contact us for more information about UMB’s community involvement or view our CRA public files.

Associate Volunteerism
UMB enables our associates to give some of their time, energy and talents back to the community through spirited programs and initiatives. We proudly offer associates 16 hours of paid time off for volunteerism each year. In addition to encouraging individual volunteerism amongst our associates, specialized volunteer opportunities and team-building group projects are also offered to associates throughout the year.

Local Volunteer Opportunities
UMB's partnership with United Way and local volunteer centers provides associates in our geographic footprint with current volunteer opportunities. Associates select organizations with which they have a relationship or would like to learn more and give their time, resources and support to help out. Past projects have included: fundraising initiatives, hands-on volunteer projects, collection drives, ongoing projects and organizational support, financial management expertise, and board service. Preference is given to UMB not-for-profit customers requesting volunteer assistance; however, other organizations are also often selected for associate volunteerism support.

Are You an Agency Looking for UMB Volunteers?
If you represent a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that is located within UMB’s footprint, we encourage you to share volunteer opportunities for UMB associates. Simply email with the following information:

  • Project/Opportunity Name
  • Date, Time and Duration
  • Location
  • Brief Project Summary, including purpose, duty and impact, as well as the number of volunteers requested
  • Info about any necessary training and skills, if applicable
  • Suggested attire, required tools and amenities, if applicable, i.e. lunch, water, agency tour, etc.
  • Project contact (email and phone)
  • RSVP deadline
  • Agency Website

For questions regarding UMB volunteerism, please contact the Marketing Communication team.

Diversity and Inclusion
We believe unique perspectives add value to UMB by energizing the workplace and igniting innovation—and that is an essential component of our culture. Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is an essential part of delivering the unparalleled customer experience—not only to our customers and the community, but also to one another. We recognize that a diverse work environment creates different points of view that we may have missed out on had we not emphasized diversity and inclusion as such a strong initiative. We have respect for—and understanding of—a culture of inclusion where all opinions are valued and respected.

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a critical initiative as we strive to build an even stronger UMB by retaining talented associates with diverse backgrounds and encouraging them to share their voice.

Grant Requests

UMB Financial Corporation’s Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited grant applications. If you are seeking nonmonetary support for an event or organization, please see above for information on how to request volunteers.

UMB Bank, n.a. achieved an “Outstanding” rating in the most recent public evaluation conducted by our federal regulatory agency, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.