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Overdraft Protection

TotalCheck - Line of Credit Overdraft Protection

TotalCheck is an overdraft protection service that, if approved, can be added to your UMB checking account. If an emergency arises and you are short on cash, UMB will honor the transaction up to your available credit limit. Your activated TotalCheck account operates similarly to a credit card, with a pre-authorized credit limit and an annual percentage interest rate. TotalCheck Overdraft Protection advances are for the exact amount that the account is overdrawn, bringing the account to a $0 available balance.

Credit Card Overdraft Protection

Did you know that your UMB Credit Card can be tied to your Checking Account? It can. UMB offers Credit Card overdraft protection for individuals who have been approved for a UMB Credit Card and wish to have peace of mind knowing that in an emergency, funds will be made available in their checking account up to their available credit limit. Credit Card Overdraft Protection advances occur in $100 increments.

Account to Account Transfer Overdraft Protection

UMB offers Account to Account Transfer Overdraft Protection for those individuals who maintain multiple accounts with us. This service is quite simple. If your checking account becomes overdrawn, we look at the available balances in your designated associated accounts to see if funds are available to cover the overdraft items that caused the checking account to become overdrawn. If funds are available in your associated accounts, an account to account transfer is made in $25 increments to bring your checking account to a $0 or positive available balance.

Overdraft Protection Benefits

  • Saves overdraft fees and merchant fees
  • Automatically activated if checking account is overdrawn
  • Easy access to emergency funds
  • Not available on Money Market Checking Sweep Account


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