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Text Banking Commands

Any SMS (text) enabled mobile device can be used for UMB text banking. Below is a short list of text message commands that will allow you to complete your banking tasks from your mobile device. A few things to note as you get started:

  • 50106 is UMB's short code for communicating with you via a text message. Save this numbers as UMB text banking in your phone to help you remember it and help verify the number from text communications.
  • There are multiple commands for each banking action. We suggest that you choose the command that is the easiest for you to remember and use.
  • Commands are not case sensitive. For example, you can type in B or b to retrieve your account balance*.
  • Account nickname refers to the name you have assigned to a specific account in UMB online banking.

UMB Mobile Banking Text Guide
Text any of the following codes to: 50106

View account balance* b
View account history h
Locate ATMs atm (insert zip code)
Locate branches branch (insert zip code)
Transfer between accounts t (insert from account nickname) (insert to account nickname) (insert amount)
View recent transfers r
View scheduled transfers st
Cancel scheduled transfers c (insert reference ID)
Pay payee p (insert from account nickname)(insert payee nickname)(insert amount)(insert date)
View recent payments rpay
View scheduled payments sp
Cancel scheduled payments cp (insert reference ID)
View payees payees

Download a printable list of all SMS/Text Message commands.

*Account balance refers to the available balance in your UMB account.