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Financial Planning That’s Right for You

Building a plan that can help you get what you want

Your needs evolve over time, which means your financial planning will change to capture your goals, priorities and lifestyle. We work closely with you to build a holistic strategy that aligns with your short- and long-term plans. Your UMB experience will begin with an evaluation of your personal and financial circumstances so we can understand where you are now and where you want to be.

Getting to know you

Financial plans are tailored to you—there is no one-size-fits-all strategy—and customization provides the detail and tactics that help you manage your wealth. UMB advisors hone in on what matters most to you and establish steps to align behaviors with plans so you can get what you want.

Your advisor will help you discover your areas of strength and identify any areas you may improve upon to maximize success. Whether you want to optimize your lifestyle, establish your legacy or build your wealth, we can offer personalized service and support.

Access to a specialized team

At UMB, your financial journey is our focus. That means your specialized team will provide the experience, support and one-on-one guidance to help you make savvy and sound financial choices. You will have access to specialists in a variety of industries—from investments and trusts to retirement and estate management—to ensure you receive the attention, expertise and personalization you deserve.

How financial planning works

To help you prepare for your financial consultation, below are some steps you can expect once you connect with UMB.

  1. First, you will get to know your advisor and your team and they will get to know you.
  2. An in-depth review of your current spending and saving habits will help establish your plan’s baseline.
  3. Taking stock of all of your current assets, debts and income determines the variables that can influence your plan’s success and parameters.
  4. Once your foundation is documented, your advisor will help you identify concerns, passions, plans and issues and more—all of which will shape your financial journey.
  5. Short- and long-term goal mapping and execution are the final stages to creating your plan so you can get started.

For more information about our financial planning services, contact us at or 800.545.6101.