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A Full-View Financial Planning Platform

With UMB 360Direct® you can see your full financial picture—from UMB accounts to accounts at other banks, as well as investments, retirement accounts and more.

Your one-on-one advisory experience, paired with your 360Direct account can provide a comprehensive view of your finances. UMB 360Direct delivers a holistic view of your full financial landscape, inclusive of assets you have with UMB and other financial institutions, such as your 401K.

Designed with you in mind, UMB 360Direct arms both you and your advisor with data to ensure your plan is tailored precisely to you. You also have the benefit of establishing plans and tracking your progress to determine whether you’re on the right path to reach your most important financial goals.

Getting started

When you partner with UMB Private Wealth Management, you will have instant access to 360Direct. With your advisor, you will answer introductory questions to set up your account, create your security authorizations, and add your financial institutions so your data can be compiled in one place, securely. Don’t worry; your advisor will help you every step of the way, so you don’t have to navigate the technology on your own.

Once your account is set up and your data is configured, you’ll be able to personalize your dashboard with photos and items that help your keep the most important things front and center—whether it’s goal-oriented or family-focused.

UMB Decision Center

With UMB’s Decision Center, you can input a variety of choices and variables that are on the table for your financial plan. The tool will then provide a forecast for how these variables could impact your goals, or change your financial picture.

360Direct reporting and forecasting brings you to the forefront of the conversation, enhancing your partnership with your advisor and providing new channels for increased communication, planning scenarios and tracking of your unique goals.

Securely connect

The security of your data and identity is of paramount importance. That’s why UMB 360Direct protects your data through firewalls, intrusion protection, password protection and data security, infrastructure inspections and encryptions. These features and our commitment to security allow you to have confidence knowing your data is secure

360Direct benefits

  • Analyze investments with increased visibility into your accounts
  • Track and monitor balances daily
  • Safely store important financial and legal documents in one location
  • Experience interactive and detailed views of your financial assets, including proactive account activity alerts to make necessary adjustments
  • Collaborate remotely online with your advisor
  • Access on your time, through any Internet browser, on any device

For more information about UMB’s financial planning platform, 360Direct, contact us at or 800.545.6101.